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Three years after pushing the KD Music label to dance music’s forefront, Germany’s premier tech-house twins Kaiserdisco thought the time was right to give themselves a new home to double their production power and prestige. Never settling for second best, and considering their already storied history that has achieved critically acclaimed albums, essential remixes, appearances on foremost underground labels and tours around the globe, there’s was an unrelenting need for something similar but different, an extra production line bringing dancefloor fire and DJ booth brimstone from another non-compromising angle.


2014 gave forth to the concept of KD Raw, an imprint that’s all in the name. It lends itself to the same long-established quality that KD Music guarantees from its Hamburg headquarters, whether that be from Kaiserdisco themselves or a host of global contributors who range from future hot tickets to old hands at the game of house. But now, with the focus on techno pressure and uncut beats and vibes, the KD brand now has extra revs and a bigger number of backsides to kick.


Taking it upon themselves to set KD Raw’s route in motion with opening EP ‘Three Lions’ b/w ‘Fifth Element’, Alex Costa and Kasbah Zoo & OniWax, as well as a Raw Remix EP featuring contributions from Luca Agnelli, Arjun Vagale & Ramiro Lopez, have already had the fledgling label sweeping aside all before them, driven to reflect the label’s distinctive artwork – an outstretched palm indicating that none shall pass and that where techno is now concerned, the buck stops here.

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